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Unable to re-add iSCSi Datastore without Formatting


Recently, I migrated my HDDs from Old Synology NAS to New Synology and reconfigured the Software iSCSI adapter with new IQNs.

After rescanning the adapter, I can see the device but not Datastore. If I try to add new Datastore it shows "No devices with free space".

I checked the status using the command line and got this:

[root@localhost:~] esxcli storage vmfs extent list

Volume Name         VMFS UUID                            Extent Number  Device Name                                                                 Partition

------------------  -----------------------------------  -------------  --------------------------------------------------------------------------  ---------

Datastore-local-01  5a478763-53dcea58-e546-0cc47aac8f32              0  t10.ATA_____WDC_WD5000AAKX2D001CA0________________________WD2DWCAYUH258406          1

NAS03-iSCSI-DS-01   5b085507-3279b49d-c42c-0cc47aac8f32              0  naa.6001405aebfb459d17f6d400ddb5b9da                                                1


[root@localhost:~] esxcli storage filesystem list

Error getting data for filesystem on '/vmfs/volumes/5b085507-3279b49d-c42c-0cc47aac8f32': Cannot open volume: /vmfs/volumes/5b085507-3279b49d-c42c-0cc47aac8f32, skipping.


[root@localhost:~] esxcfg-volume -l



[root@localhost:~] tail -f /var/log/vmkernel.log

2018-12-14T06:47:12.328Z cpu9:2098753 opID=b74a6ef7)HBX: 1032: 'NAS03-iSCSI-DS-01': HB at offset 3571712 - Setting pulse failed: Not supported:

2018-12-14T06:47:12.328Z cpu9:2098753 opID=b74a6ef7)  [HB state abcdef02 offset 3571712 gen 417 stampUS 58934707034 uuid 5c126c55-ff60da84-ee87-0cc47aac8f32 jrnl <FB 0> drv 24.82 lockImpl 4 ip]

2018-12-14T06:47:12.328Z cpu9:2098753 opID=b74a6ef7)WARNING: FSAts: 1550: Denying reservation access on an ATS-only vol 'NAS03-iSCSI-DS-01'

2018-12-14T06:47:12.328Z cpu9:2098753 opID=b74a6ef7)WARNING: HBX: 2416: ATS-Only VMFS volume 'NAS03-iSCSI-DS-01' is not mounted. This host does not support ATS, or ATS initialization failed.

2018-12-14T06:47:12.328Z cpu9:2098753 opID=b74a6ef7)WARNING: HBX: 2430: Failed to initialize VMFS distributed locking on volume 5b085507-3279b49d-c42c-0cc47aac8f32: Not supported

2018-12-14T06:47:12.328Z cpu9:2098753 opID=b74a6ef7)Vol3: 3341: Failed to get object 28 type 1 uuid 5b085507-3279b49d-c42c-0cc47aac8f32 FD 0 gen 0 :Not supported

2018-12-14T06:47:12.328Z cpu9:2098753 opID=b74a6ef7)WARNING: Fil3: 1477: Failed to reserve volume f532 28 1 5b085507 3279b49d c40cc42c 328fac7a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

2018-12-14T06:47:12.328Z cpu9:2098753 opID=b74a6ef7)Vol3: 3341: Failed to get object 28 type 2 uuid 5b085507-3279b49d-c42c-0cc47aac8f32 FD 4 gen 1 :Not supported

vSphere Details:

Client version: 1.25.0

Client build number: 7872652

ESXi version: 6.7.0

ESXi build number: 10302608

Any help.


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How far are you getting in the new datastore wizard. I think there is a re signature option you need to use if the vmfs file system was connected using a different adapter.

Resignature a VMFS Datastore Copy

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