USB Passthrough Hard Drive Spin Down

Hi All,

have a esxi 7.0 host with a usb 3.0hdd attached as a passthrough device to the VM.

all working fine however have noticed that the drive is constantly spinning.

as using this as a data repository for media files only want to access as needed rather than have it spinning all the time.

this is mainly for heat issues - its tucked away where airflow is not great and cant be changed.

ive tried setting the turn hdd's off after x minutes on the Win 10 OS side of things with no joy.

also tried the settings on this link https://blog.bistron.eu/vmware/vmware-esxi-hdd-standby-spin-down-mit-physical-rdm-unter-windows/  - it mentions for esxi 5.5 and RDM's so not usb passthrough but thought it might operate in similar manner but alot of reboots and no joy unfortunately.

anyone have any other ideas on this?



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Passthrough like this never really works that well, I'd suggest looking at NAS that you can connect via iscsi, you can get a synology or qnap that's under $200.

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