Two licences of VMware, two vcenters


we have two licences of VMware.

1. license - VMware vSphere Essentials Plus

There are managed three hosts - ESX01, ESX02 and ESX03 by VSCA (VM vcenter). VM vcenter is located in this cluster.

2. license - VMware vSphere Essential

There are managed two hosts - -ESX05 and ESX06 by VSCA (VM vcenter02). VM vcenter02 is located on host ESX05.

My question is can I move (place) VM vcenter02 to the 1st license cluster?
The reasons are:
- VM vcenter02 backup via SW Veeam (we have licenses for ESX01, ESX02 and ESX03)
- possibility to update ESX05 via VUM vcenter02

Am I not violating the license agreement by placing vcenter02 outside of managed guests?

Thank you for answer.


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

I don't think it's a license requirement to actually RUN the vCenter Server instance ON the hosts it is managing.


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You can run your vCSA VM on any host that you want, so that's not an issue.

Anyway, rather than running an image-based vCSA backup, you may consider to run scheduled configuration backups from the VAMI (:5480) console.

The initial vSphere 7.0 Release Notes contained the following note

Removal of Image-Based Backup Support
In vSphere 7.0, image-based backup and restore for the vCenter Server appliance has been removed and support is not available.

which however has been removed in the current version VMware vSphere 7.0 Release Notes !?


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