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The need to run a chkdsk equivalent on a attached datastore?

My storage admin just told me that they are seeing possible corruption (maybe false positive) on a m disk in a v7000 SAN.
As they cant see inside a LUN they have presented to my hosts the SAN admin is suggesting I should run a chkdsk equivalent on my LUN/Datastore.

I have never come across this before and a bunch of googling didn't make me any smarter in this matter.

Now, I am not seeing any corruption of my VM's running on that datastore and obviously they would not see anything as they are abstracted from the storage.

Would this be a chkdsk from the console of the ESXi host? or perhaps something I can do via powercli.  Any kind of service interruptions to expect or perhaps i should vacate the LUN/Datastore.

I spoke with my SAN admin and he mentioned he have seen false positives of corruption before on this array.

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You can use VOMA utility on esxi hosts to check luns or vmfs datastore metadata checks VMFS file system metadata check. Here is VMware KB VMware Knowledge Base

Note: when you perform checks make sure you move all vms to another datastore or power off the vms and then perform the check against datatstore.

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