Tanzu shutdown procedure (powerCLI?)

Hello community

I'm using Tanzu + vSAN 7U2 + NSX-T3.1 in my homelab. 

My cluster does not run 24/7 (for noise and energy reasons). In the past I utilized a custom startup/shutdown PowerCLI script for vSAN.

Now with Tanzu there are more components to care for.

I've found a recommended procedure in VVD 6.2 but still some parts are a bit outdated. Harbor is containerized and doesn't run in  dedicated VMs anymore.

Is there a way to stop Kubernetes services on VC with PowerCLI? Plink SSH is an inconvenient workaround.

How can I gracefully stop Harbor without disabling the feature?

Will pods recover once SupervisorControlPlane VMs have started?



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