Tanzu 1.3.1 with NSX-T cluster incompatible issue

Hi everyone and thanks for the help. 

trying to set up a lab with Tanzu and NSX-t. vSphere and host are at 7.0u2.  NSX is 3.1.3, tanzu is 1.3.1.  

When trying to deploy Tanzu I get the cluster is not compatible error.  "Cluster domain-c9468 is missing compatible NSX-T VDS" and am not sure what I am doing wrong.  I have a T0 and T1 up and working.Edge cluster seems fine(there is a BGP issue with the second node, that is a simple fix and will be done tomorrow). Any idea of what is causing this issue? I have gone through just about everything I can find and can't figure it out. o_O 

Any guidance would me much apprshated. 

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