Spurious network references in vsphere


My environment: vSphere Client version

Some days ago the following was done on our VSAN cluster:
- created one distributed switch
- assigned two uplinks on each host to the above DS
- created and assigned to the above DS several distributed port groups
- changed configuration of all VMs to use the new distributed port groups
- deleted all unused old virtual switches on each host of the cluster

The problem I face now is that even though no VM (according to VMs configuration) use any of the old networks, a couple of those networks are still visible in vsphere and show a reference to a couple of VM, and those two VMs show a reference to the old network in the "Related Objects".

It looks like, there are still a couple of spurious references in between two VMs and two old networks.

Could anybody please help me sort this out?

Thank you and best regards.

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