Slow VM to internet connection

I am trying to set up a new ESXi 6.5 host but ran into some issues. I am getting less than 10 KB/s download when I am installing Linux packages. All settings for networking are defaults, the host machine is a Dell R710 with 2x 6 core intel and 64 GB of RAM. It is using an image directly from the Dell site, and no other issues other than when I add a VM or do anything I have to 'reset to default' to do anything else. No errors on boot either.

Any ideas what it might be?

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

It depends on lot off factors:

1. VM RAM and CPU allocation/usage.

2. Your Internet bandwidth and how did you connect to the VM( proxy or direct access)

3. Is it only Linux machine or any Windows VM too?

4. what about VM to VM data speed? is it normal? 

Try to create a shared folder/NFS and download some files in LInux to see the speed.

If VM to VM is fine, i would rather see the issue from Internet speed/configuration.

Hope it helps.

Sincerely, Rahul Parmar VMware Support Moderator
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