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Security.AccountLockFailures and Security.AccountUnlockTim causing host disconnection

There is a new feature in 6 and 6.5 for added security Security.AccountLockFailures and Security.AccountUnlockTime. The other night we were running a vulnerabilty scan on the esxi  hosts and got the error "Remote access for esxi locak user account "root" has been locked for 900 seconds after 76 failed login attempts" Exactly at the time we were running the scan. The two servers with that error went disconnected and the lock on the root account never cleared no matter how long we waited and we also could not manually reset it. We ended up restarted the esxi servers to fix the issue. So is there a bug related to Security.AccountLockFailures and Security.AccountUnlockTime, has anyone else had this issue and is there a fix.

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