Script to find HBA exact model

Hello All,

I am trying to find the HBA model from all our ESXi hosts , I found many scripts from communities and other blogs, but the results is generic what I see when I execute the command esxcfg-scsidevs -a

ie QLogic Corp 2600 Series 16Gb Fibre Channel to PCI Express HBA

But when I run

/usr/lib/vmware/vmkmgmt_keyval/vmkmgmt_keyval -a  gives me the exact value which I am looking for (QLE2662)

Key Value Instance:  QLNATIVEFC/qlogic

Listing keys:

Name:   0

Type:   string


QLogic 16Gb FC Dual-port HBA for System x for QLE2662:

        FC Firmware Version: 7.02.00 (d0d5), Driver version

Can you please help me to make this scripted to run at cluster level.

Regards, Suresh
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Script in the following forum should fulfill your requirements.

Re: Host Hardware info with HBA and nic driver information

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