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Remote Server System Build HELP


I’m seeking as much information as can get from anyone.

I’m seeking a plan to be setup a IT infrastructure.


•    Get ESXI on my Main Server (Threadripper 2990wx) working with multiple linux,windows10, and mac osx os’s

•    Get Xpenology working

•    Pfsense (Doesn’t require ESXI, but I may run it in ESXI)

Specifications (Main Server)(Open loop water cooled with two 480mm radiators, temps are good on high load, no overclocking)

•    AMD Threadripper 2990wx (Water-Cooled)

•    Asus Prime X399-A

•    Cosair Dominator Plantinum DDR4 96gb (32GB left)

•    X2 NVIDIA RTX 4000 (Air-Cooled)

•    X1 AMD Firepro W8000 (Water-cooled)

•    Samsung M.2 970 Pro 512gb

•    Samsung M.2 960 Pro 512gb

Current situation.

On the Main Server I require workers to remote into the system and use Engineering Software i.e Solidworks.

Currently I have Windows Server 2019 which is on the “main server”. Remote workers are complaining of lag when trying to use Solidworks. Windows Server 2019 just hogs so much resources.

Alternative/ New Plan

To use ESXI on my “main Server” working with multiple operating systems linux,windows10, and mac osx. Currently on the windows server 2019 I have ubutnu, light weight windows 10 enterprise and mac 10.14 working via VMware workstation and would like to port to Esxi on the same system

Solidworks only works on Windows so a light weight stripped version of Windows 10 will be used. Only the RDP port 3389 or 7889 will be used and every other incoming/outgoing connection will be disabled on Windows 10 so the remote worker cant get distracted. They will need to access files from the local Xpenology NAS, to access files etc…

Synology DS215j

x2 8TB Western Digital Red

This is going to be replaced with a Dell R720 Server with esxi

Is it wise to add an SSD for caching or any other purpose inside for xpenolgy

Firewall Pfsense on a Dell R210ii

Also I’m in need of a POE switch as I want the R720 to also be used for CCTV, Web Hosting, Bitwarden. I  have many other things I can host on the R720

My current upload speeds are 15mbps which I believe are causing the lag however I should be able to upgrade potentially to get 1gbps upload/download

If anyone has any suggestions I’m all ears.


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Few things here. Firstly, your Threadripper (and everything else in your list) is consumer hardware. ESXi does not support consumer hardware. Although a very small amount does work correctly, the vast amount either does not at all or has severe issues. Your BoM is not suitable to ESXi but rather to Workstation.

Secondly, you are not legally allowed to run macOS on this hardware--regardless of whether that's Workstation or ESXi. To do so violates the EULAs of both Apple and VMware. I'm pretty sure you at least had some idea of this on your current VMware Workstation setup when you had to apply a hack to get that macOS VM to even run.

When you get your R720 in, then you should be ready to take on this goal (except the macOS part) and be more successful at it.

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VMware Employee

Moderator: It is illegal to run MacOS on non-Apple hardware, therefore on any VMware product other than Fusion. Thread locked.


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