Reinstall 6.5U1 not registering previously good VMFS partitions for datastore?..


I (now) have ESXi 6.5U1 - i had a server crash and had to make a clean USB boot to get working again - i have an Adaptec 6805 in the machine with two Raid arrays which were active as Datastore 01 and 02 in the 6.5 install i had working yesterday - Post install i added the aacraid driver from vmware and though i can see the adaptor and VMFS devices - i am unsure how to connect them to a datastore - in the web gui i can only find “create” - “add an extent” - “expand an existing” - “ Mount NFS” and it is a stand alone ESXi with internal raid and no external storage.

if i click on the actual device (both devices are seen and both devices have the single VMFS filesytem) - i can get into a situation where i have the options of creating a new datastore or i can increase capacity - rescan does nothing and neither does rescan under actions.  The system shows “Local Adaptec Disk ( and shows a single  VMFS  partition but i am at a loss how to mount it at this point and i am quite worried about loosing the partition.

Is it possible i need to check the VMFS for errors before it will mount




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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hi @jackyjoy123 ,

Please SSH to ESXi host and try the following:

1. esxcfg-volume –l

2. esxcfg-volume –r "datastorename"
esxcfg-volume –r "datastoreUUID" (Captured from first command)

Hope that helps

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