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Question in Esxi Memory Compression

Assumed that I have an ESXi Host with 16Gb physical Ram.

One Esxi Guest is with 4Gb Ram configured.

I get some troubles and reasons, so I would like to consume and compress only 2Gb of Esxi Host ram to serve the Guest.

Is that possible to do that?

IF is, please advise how to configure the below:


Please don't tell me to add more Ram to my Host ~ IF I can do that, I just have no need to post this question.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Why not just reduce the allocated memory for the guest to 2Gb?

If that is not an option, set a memory limit of 2Gb for the VM.

Doing this will make ESXi apply other memory allocation techniques such as compression, ballooning, and swapping to the “excess” memory (above the limit up to the total allocation)



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