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Problems doing Storage vMotion vCenter 6.7

Good afternoon,

I have problems to make a storage vmotion, since when I select the datastore it does not show any of my repositories, select another vm to see and I have the same problem, it does not let me migrate the vma any datasatore.

I already made a rescan of the devices and adapters.
Restart the host agents.
Validate the multipathing configuration

Additional some datastores from the vCenter, it does not allow me to see the files of the VMs. But if I enter from the direct Host and select the datastore if I can see the files of the VMs.

Would it be good to restart the VCSA ?, to validate if later I can see the datastores when I want to do a storage vmotion.

Or run the commands in the VCSA via ssh service-control --stop -all and Service-control --start -all.

Could it be a physical storage problem?

The customer has an Enterprise Plus license.

Help with this please

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Hi @jlovera ,

Since you mentioned that the datastore files are accessible when connecting directly to the hosts, it seems like a communication/service issue from vCenter server. It's worth restarting vCenter services

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