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Power Loss Resulted in Loss of NFS (Inactive / Inaccessible)

Experienced an accidental power loss today. I have two NAS devices, one is still working fine the other...not so much.

Within vSphere the one that is not working simply shows "inactive".  I have SSH'ed into the hosts and for each host, if I run:

esxcli storage nfs list

It shows the "missing" NFS as Accessible=False Mounted=False.

I then ran:

esxcli storage nfs remove -v VMs1

Which removed the NFS from the "nfs list" command results.

However, within vSphere it still shows the missing NFS as "inactive".  I also noticed that it shows the path to where it is expected to be found (//vmfs/volumes/15157389-87bcc10e/)

If I go to /vmfs/volumes on any of my hosts I see the other NFS that is still working, but no reference to 15157389-87bcc10e.

Is there a simple way to recreate the mount within /vmfs/volumes so that everything "reconnects"?  It would appear to me that if I could recreate //vmfs/volumes/15157389-87bcc10e on each host then it would work again.

It's worth noting the NAS is functioning fine - I can attach to the share directory from any other computer and server.  The ESXi hosts simply lost their reference somehow.

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