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Post ESXi upgrade to 6.7, all VM's fail to power on - "Transport (VMDB) error -45: Failed to connect to peer process".

Just upgraded the host from 6.0u3 to 6.7u2.  I was willing to either upgrade the VCSA or make a new one; this was part of a recovery process where I had mistakenly reset the inventory for the VCSA 6.0 and could not get it to update from the vCenter Server.

Having upgraded the host, a new VCSA creation failed, the upgrade of the old one won't work because it won't start.  All VM's on the host have the same peer process problem.  I tried looking for a lock file but did not find one; I tried looking at the logs for the VM, but didn't see any errors.  What should I be fixing here?

Log file for VCSA attached.

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