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Physical RDM disk format Speed

i use esxi 6.7 update1

and some vm is  configurationed the mscs for physical rdm. for windows 2016

in case of not pRDM , use vmdk with vmware datastore

disk format speed is good

but in case of pRDM , in the MSCS vm

pRDM disk format speed is very slow

same disk is 300GB

one disk(vmdk)format speed is 5~7 second

the other one disk(pRDM) format speed is more than 30second.

i reconfig the vm many times but speed is not good

Is there a way to change the settings to speed up formatting speed?

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Changing format speed?

Never saw a question like that.

Formatting a LUN will take the time required for the array, and there are some factors that help to do it or not as VAAI for example.
Also if the LUN you are formatting is zeroed previously or not, disk type, etc.

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