Permissions to PXE-boot virtual machine

I´m trying to limit permissions for a user/ group to only a few VM in vCenter.

The Permission role I´ve cloned is Virtual machine user role.

But with the cloned role the user/group dont have permission to PXE-boot a VM.

(Neigther has Virtual machine user role.)

Then i Wonder which configuraion in the cloned role i must edit.

The permissions should be like this for each VM:
-take snapshot
-remove snapshot
-PXE-boot (this in only the permission that is missing right now)


.... Cluster
......... Resource Pool
..............VM <= ASSIGN PERM HERE

 Really appreciate your answer


Updated question with this 2021-11-01:
Added the role with he following under "virtual machines":
-Change settings 
Now the user/group can PXE-boot, but it´s not limited to PXE-boot, more permissions
beyond PXE-boot is now possible and I dont want that.


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