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Options for using passthru for graphics card (vDGA) in a CentOS 7 VM

Hi folks,

I'm hoping for someone has had success with passthru of a graphics card (vDGA), comparable to the one below, for use by a CentOS 7 VM.

The goal is to be able to have the VM Host be headless, and one VM guest to output it's display to a DVI-I port - the output will be used as input to a video matrix switch.

I've recently tried using a MSI N285GTX SuperPipe (NVidia GeForce GTX 285) as the passthru device, but the gdm (GNOME Desktop Manager) failed to initialize the card.

VMWare Tech support reports that the card is not supported, so I'm looking for options. I took a quick look at the VMWare vDGA compatible devices and they seem to be more than needed, and come at a very high cost.

I've seen an unofficial list of support graphics cards used in passthrough that's works with ESXi 4.x & 5.x (temp.vm-help.com - Index page), but nothing for 6.x.

Environment setup:

  • VM Host - ESXi 6.5 U2
    Installed on SuperMicro PC and above-mentioned graphics card
  • VM Guest (requiring vDGA) - CentOs

Appreciate any advice.

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