Online status of newly Create Harddisk not in sync with SAN Policy


We are using provided VMware APIs for creating SCSI & Harddisks for creating Windows Cluster.

The new Disk Policy (previously known as the SAN Policy) is OfflineShared by default for new Node.

The harddisks created using VMware API is online by default which is opposite of the SAN Policy.

The online status of newly created harddisks is observed only while using provided VMware APIs.

We are getting correct status of harddisks while using manual approach of creating harddisks using VMWare Portal directly.




Hard disk Creation VMWare API:



Input JSON:


    "spec": {

        "new_vmdk": {

            "capacity": 14,

            "name": "eu408m1w004_F_pSQLData"



        "scsi": {

            "bus": 2


        "type": "SCSI"






SCSI Creation VMware API:



Input JSON:

{"spec": {"bus": 2,"pci_slot_number": 1,"sharing": "NONE","type": "PVSCSI" }}



Appreciate if you could guide.

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