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Odd Behaviour on Local Switch Port Groups

Hi All

Have a bit of an odd one here that i am seeing.

Customer reports Promiscuous Mode on a Local Switch port group is re-enabled after a host reboot.

I thought perhaps it wasn't properly removed or it was inheriting the setting because it was also enabled at the Local Switch level.

I've been doing some testing using all 3 advanced security options and can indeed replicate where the Local Switch is set to Reject and the Port group is configured to Override and Accept. 

Thing is when you remove the settings by configuring Reject and de-selecting the Override Checkbox, Indeed upon ESXi Host reboot it has just simply re-enabled itself.

Has anyone else found the same feels like a bug to me.

Only workaround I could get was to delete the Port group and recreate, Its like there is some meta data its not updating correctly .. ???. 

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