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Nic Teaming with multiple NIC cards best practice

I'm setting up a new UCS host and it has 6 nics available. 

2 onboard
2 - dual port PCI cards

Traffic is broken down into 4 port groups:
Apps, web, DB, Standard

I'm trying to figure out what best route might be for getting proper redundancy, efficiency and the simplest management. Bandwidth is not a concern.

Is it best to create one vswitch that has all 6 physical nics teamed together and assign all the port groups?  This way you could lose two physical cards and still two ports are up?
Take a single port from each device and create a vswitch then assign certain port groups?

Also what might be the best option for traffic routing.  The default of using the port ID seems to not be the most suggested method, but the others appear to require some network switch configuration which i do not have access to at the moment.

Thanks for any ideas offered.

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All depend on your needs.... but

You could use 2 onboard for Management network, vMotion, and probably backups... 

Use the 4 remaining for workload... and have different PG / vlan for the apps / web, DB, etc.. as needed.

For policy, usually we use "based on physical nic load" for anything that is not NSX vxlan... and that should not require any modification.

Again it all depends on the different requirement... if you use iSCSI or other Network storage such as NFS for example, you could have 2 for management, 2 for storage and 2 for workload... etc... 

Jonathan P.

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