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Newly deployed Windows VM leaves the Domain

Hi folks,

I have a windows VM the is deployed from an existing template when I deploy it attaching a customization file to not to join a domain controller it works fine and I can join it to domain with no issues, but when i attach it with a customization file to add it to a domain  the VM is deployed successfully with no issues but suddenly after joining the domain it leaves it.

A new computer account is created in the AD with a new name for that object (The Computer/VM Name) but it suddenly leaves the domain what can I do to troubleshoot that

Domain name is different than workgroup name and I tried creating anther Customization file with no luck

Thanks for your help in Advance

Regards, İlyas
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Not entirely sure if one should make a template from a guest os that has already joined a domain?

I normally make templates from standalones that aren't even Windows activated, without Window Updates.

You may want to use the SID Changer in vMotion:

SID changer before or after Windows Update?


run the sysprep with Generalize and shutdown.

then convert the VM to template.

you should then be able to join it to the domain as well.

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