New FT Deployment vSphere 6.7 - long failover

Hi All!

I am standing up a new vSphere 6.7 Enterprise Plus Cluster. 4 Lenovo Nodes (Per Node: 2X20core Intel, 512GB, 4X10GbE NIC), VCSA, dedicated FT VMkernel (10GbE)

I am having slow failover response for FT VMs. I have a FT VM with 4vCPU and I connect to that VM with RDP, then fail the ESXi where the VM is running (pull the plug) and I loose my RDP Session and ping to the VM. Ping returns in about 10 seconds. RDP usually does not reconnect.

It's clear that this is a FT failover as the system has not rebooted, but it's far from continuous availability.

Any suggestions?


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