Need Ideas! Unable to Connect to the Remote Host: Since it is disconnected | Problems after modifying firewall

Hi there people of the VMWare forums,

I am experiencing a number of problems with one of my three virtual hosts, following making changes to the firewall. Basically, anytime I make a change to the firewall the host becomes unresponsive and I must ssh in and unload the firewall, if I reload it and save the configuration it freezes again. I have tried removing all of the rules but it still hangs upon loading the firewall. I set up the host to pull the time from an NTP server and while this displays the correct time via the web interface, when issuing the command "esxcli system time get" I am getting back an incorrect time (by 5 hrs) . If I enter "ntpq -p" I am returned the correct NTP server with reach 377. I am stumped at this point, not sure if the time could have something to do with it.

Does anyone know of a specific occurrence that I should be looking for in one of the log files, or any tips on correcting the NTP time syncing issue between the web interface and CLI. Any tips, or insight would greatly appreciated.



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For the time... you can check time in BIOS if it does not keep the correct settings... as per VMware KB1003736  states:

"Verify the time set in the hardware BIOS of the ESX/ESXi host if this host is experiencing difficulty keeping time, despite it having its time correctly set and successfully connected to running and correctly configured NTP server."

Are the 3 host all the same HW, if yes check for BIOS version etc..

Also note : Time displayed in the Client is local time of the device you use to connect to it, as time showed in esx shell is UTC which is +5 for me.

For the firewall, I am not sure.. what version are you ESXi hosts?

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