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Need Help:Using Custom EFI64.ROM and implementing a specific System SKU to it

Hello together,

i have a special question.

Can you give me n example or the Syntax, how i can add a specific SystemSKU in my EFI64.ROM?

The System Product Name i changed with an HEX editor successfully, but i find no entry for the System SKU

You may ask why i should do this...for Trainingspurposes and webinars. I will need to rebuild my physical machines in my trainingsroom as near as possible.

But my physical devices got their license out of the box, hardcoded in the Values "System Product Name" and "System SKU" in the BIOS.

So i need to rebuild the BIOS with this entries.

I have the ok to do this from the owner of the license rights and the values i need to enter in the efi64.rom.

Thanks for your advice 🙂

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