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NVIDIA P100 Passthrough on 6.7

aside: Is it passthrough or passthru?

Anyway, we were running into some issues with our VMs not powering on when trying to add an NVIDIA P100 vGPU and kept failing at 80%, with very generic errors.

It seems to be a syntax issue on the VM-side configuration.

Going by the 6.5 configuration specs here:


Btw we also had some issues here with the logs giving us the 'exceeds limit', but checking the Memory mapping configs in the BIOS, that was set as it should have been - so it was a wild goose chase there

Our Fix:

He had to add a couple of lines to the vmx file - BUT, those lines were, while properly formatted in the vmx file, they were read IMPROPERLY with the vm configuration, keeping the quotation marks from the vmx manual configuration. (screen snips attached).

VM Powered off > Edit Settings > VM Options > Configuration Parameters > Edit Configuration... >

Ensure the following parameters do NOT have quotation marks around them:

pciPassthru.use64bitMMIO= TRUE

pciPassthru.64bitMMIOSizeGB = 32

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