NVDIMM Presented to Guest use of FT & vMotion

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Topic Name : Persistent Memory

Publication Name : vSphere Resource Management

Product/Version : VMware vSphere/6.7

Question :

In this article you specify that storage vMotion has to be used to migrate when using vPMemDisk but you didn't mention that you can use normal vMotion to migrate a VM that has a vPmem (NVDIMM) from one host to another.  A second item that I cant find is that FT can be used to replicate the data within the vPMem (NVDIMM).  Could you please add the details around using NVIDMM presented to the guest with vMotion and FT?

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Regarding the migration question, the document actually states that it is not possible to do a regular vMotion which is Compute Only Migration, but you have to choose enhanced vMotion, which is Compute and Storage Migration.

Please re-read the document, and have a look at the video titled "Migrating and Cloning VMs Using PMEM in the vSphere Client".

For the second question regarding FT, I'm not sure if it is supported or not.

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