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NFS UUID Missmatch with NFS4 but not with NFS3.

Hi guys,

i'am struggling with something. and i'am not understanding the Strangeness.

i have 2 NFS-Ganesha Hosts and 2 Esxi Hosts in an Cluster (LAB)

NFS3 = no Issues  i see the Datastore as Shared > and could vmotion.

NFS4 = once adding the same Export to the same Esxi Hosts.  i get  differently UUIDs  and ending up in  Datastore  + Datastore(1)

sure i tested as well just to add Datastore to first and then to make "right click Datastore -  Mount Datastore to Additional Host"

i could do what i want > with nfs4 i end up having differently UUIDS.

something special with NFS4?  not finding much Infos on Net about this Condition.

Any Clue may?



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