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NFS 4.1 Share off of a QNAP keeps getting a (1) appended when the host reboots

I have 1 host in a cluster (6.7) for testing (well really a migration).  I have a NFS 4.1 share from a QNAP added as DatastoreA.  when the host (6.7u2)  reboots the store says Disconnected and when the host comes back the datastore is named DatastoreA (1).  If I reboot again the datastore becomes DatastoreA (2).  I can rename it back to DatastoreA but on the next reboot its back to DatastoreA (1). Any ideas?

Also, I have the NFS shares entered by ip for the hostname.

Here is the log when I try to mount the NFS share on another host:

2019-06-26T14:53:09.018Z cpu14:67886 opID=d7a82726)NFS41: NFS41FSAPDNotify:5955: Restored connection to the server mount point DatastoreA, mounted as b21cf0d4-958aa711-0000-000000000000 ("/share/VMWARE-STORAGEA/")

2019-06-26T14:53:09.018Z cpu14:67886 opID=d7a82726)NFS41: NFS41_VSIMountSet:435: DatastoreA mounted successfully

2019-06-26T14:53:11.443Z cpu18:67115 opID=f9766847)World: 12230: VC opID HB-SpecSync-host-9@454-3f13547-98-SWI-e77d5d8-b516 maps to vmkernel opID f9766847

2019-06-26T14:53:11.443Z cpu18:67115 opID=f9766847)NFS41: NFS41FSOpSetAttributes:957: Renaming volume "DatastoreA" to "DatastoreA (1)"

WHY is it renaming it?

This is driving me insane.

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