Multiple GPU on one VM with NVidia GRID vGPU?

I have upgraded my vCenter and ESXi to 6.7 update 3. I also have the latest version of Horizon View Connection server and Clients installed. I also updated to the latest NVidia GRID vGPU driver on both the ESXi server and VMs. I read where the latest versions will now allow you to assign multiple GPUs to one VM (up to 4). But I have yet to see the procedure or any explanation at all on how to do this or what limitations there may be, if any. I tried adding a 2nd vGPU to a VM but it will not let me add more than one Shared PCIe device. Has anyone seen or actually accomplished adding this new feature? I currently have two Tesla v100 32GB GPUs installed my server and I am using the v100-2q profile (vDWS) on each VM we have running on the server.

Thank you for any info you may have.

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