Mounted ISOs (CDs) on VMs... an easy way to spot/remove them BEFORE trying to migrate a VM?

I'm always falling into the trap of having to stop and manually remove "left-over" ISO (CD) mounts on VMs when trying to upgrade/Maintance mode some hosts in our cluster. My colleagues seem to forget to unmount installation disks etc. all the time which is hindering any migration of the VM.

I know of some PS scripts which can check and unmount but is there a way to show mounted CD drives in the VCSA? As a reminder for my forgetful Co-Admins? 

And perhaps as a precursor to migration to have the option of "eject" any ISOs still attached across all VMs on a host? Running the checks before show the problematic VMs but you always have to go back and manually "unmount" the "left-overs"

If that's a stupid idea let me know...  we're on VCSA 7.0U2 /ESXi 7.0.U1 right now.

Any ideas appreciated!!

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