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First of all, If i did not post in the right place please excuse me, and i am asking one of the admins to move this to the right location.

So here is my situation.

I want to monitor in Nagios some information about the datastores. If i connect to the ESX host and run esxcli storage filesystem list i am able to get the Datastore total size and Free size. What i need is to get the Provisioned size ( like you see it in vSphere Client or in the web client ) when you are on a Datastore page. I only found ways to do that via PowerShell, but i am looking for a way to get it directly from the host after connecting over SSH.

Or maybe, it is not possible to get it from the host, and i should run some command on the vCenterSA machine also via SSH.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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