Migration problem

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We are in the process of migrating from VMWare 5.5U3 to 6.5U2 (10964411) to move later to 6.7. In the process of migration (in this case from one location to another) we can not pass machines in any of the three ways:

- Migration with Storage VMotion from one location to the other with the machine on.

- Migration from one location to the other with the machine switched off.

- Use Veeam Backup with the Quick Migration option.

The connectivity between venues is via MPLS (700Mbs) and at the same time there is an EoIP tunnel that makes transparent (range and network configuration) the connection between both Vcenters and virtual servers, at the level of pings from the ESXi themselves they get to see perfectly ( below I will leave you captures of the errors that the migration of the machines and the tests and configurations of the network gives)

We will take as origin the catches named as ESXi2 and destination of the ESXi migration.

I look forward to suggestions or help in this regard, thank you very much in advance.

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