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Migration Scenario: Power off all hosts. Renumber iSCSI SAN. Import vCenter on new host, import VMs.


I have a migration scenario that is new to me and unpracticed, and would require significant infrastructure setup to create a PoC. I'm not closed to doing that, if there is a web based way to prove out my migration plan? But it isn't that complex, just needs to be done with complete confidence as it will involve complete downtime for a datacenter.

Currently we have a cluster with 3 hosts, VCSA running on 1 of the hosts.

There is 1 iSCSI SAN with multiple LUNs, visible to all hosts. 

All VMs sit on the same SAN and exist among the 3 hosts.

I will be building 3 x new hosts, patched into a new pair of iSCSI switches, on 2 new iSCSI subnets. These will be added to vCenter but have no storage hooked up at this time.

For legacy reasons, the current single iSCSI VLAN on the existing hosts and SAN needs to be replaced with 2 fresh subnets.

My high level plan is:


1. Shut down all VMs on the legacy 3 hosts.

2. Renumber iSCSI interfaces on the SAN to use the 2 new subnets that the new 3 hosts are a part of.

3. Using vSphere webclient on all of the new 3 hosts, import the existing iSCSI LUNs/VMFS datastores.

4. On one of the new hosts, import the vCenter VMX file and a domain controller VMX file and boot vCenter and the DC

5. Login to vCenter, at this point all 6 hosts will be online, but the existing 3 hosts will not have any iSCSI LUNs due to the renumbering

6. Migrate the powered off VMs from the old 3 hosts to the new 3 hosts, and boot them all up.


Can anyone foresee any flaws in this plan?

Is there a place from vmware I can pay to build out a lab in such a scenario? The storage part would be the struggle, I guess.

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