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Migrate storage option missing in vSphere HTML5


I need to move one of our virtual servers to a different datastore. Previously I was able to this in the Flash version of vSphere, by right-clicking the VM in question > Migrate Storage only.

Obviously Flash has now been retired, so I'm using the HTML5 version of vSphere instead. However, when I try to migrate the server, the only option I'm given is to migrate its compute resource to a different ESXi host (see attached).

I was able to log into the old Flash UI yesterday and confirm that the migrate storage option was still visible there. However, today when I log into that it just shows a Flash logo/link in the centre of the page, which links to Adobe's announcement that Flash is no more.

We are using vSphere 6.5, and the free version of ESXi.

Can anyone advise how I can migrate this VM's storage?



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