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We have a Windows Server 2003 IIS 7 hosted website that we would like to move onto a VM hosted machine. It cannot be updated because it is hosting sensitive legacy information. However the terminals that require access to the Website have to run an older version of Explorer because the website language is VBScript. If I move to new consoles with newer Browsers I can access the ESX host but not the Web Page. If I try to use the legacy consoles I can't even access the ESX7 host.

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I don't see you have any recourse. There are only two possible options:

  1. Keep your ancient 2003 as a VM and don't update your vSphere environment allowing you to use legacy tooling.
  2. Update the ancient code to bring it into the modern era allowing you to upgrade your vSphere environment to use new tooling. Either way you look at it, you'll be forced into this path sooner than later if you care about being in a supported posture with your vendors. However, if you don't, you can hang onto that 2003 box for as long as you like.
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As @daphnissov has stated, there really isn't a viable option other than either upgrading your Windows Server 2003 IIS 7 hosted website to a more modern solution, or continuing to support this older system in such a manner that you can continue to access it using older versions of Internet Explorer. Also, I will unfortunately add to your difficulty by telling you that we are removing our recommendation for Internet Explorer beginning with vSphere Client 6.7 Update 2. Our recommended browsers are Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge as they are built on top of Chromium.

Internet Explorer (IE) is not the best browser for use with vSphere Client, as it uses an older JavaScript library.

You might consider contacting VMware Support, and seeing if they have any solutions to recommendation.

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