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Impact of Regularly Changing Passwords on ESXi Hosts / VCenter / VCenter Replication Appliance / VCenter Server Appliance

Hello Everyone,

As part of our company security policies, we are to implement a password management solution to change/update shared passwords regularly to keep up with security. We are planning to use some type of third part tool to generate new passwords, but due to sensitivity of the VM environment, how does my environment can get effected if we were to change/update passwords on our ESXi Hosts / VCenter / VCenter Replication Appliance / VCenter Server Appliance. We have two sites, therefore we also have a replication between the VCenter by using the VCenter Replication Appliance. Therefore, before we implement any solution for password management. I need to verify/confirm absolutely there will be no impact, if we change/update passwords on all these devices quarterly. This password change will happen one device at a time as well, not all at once. Please, let me know as per your knowledge, as don't want to create issues on our network. Will appreciate.

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