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How to renew vSphere 7 Std support

Hi All,

2 years back we purchased a vSphere 7 Standard perpetual license with 1 yr support. The license was activated, and the system is currently running.


1. how could i renew or buy 1 yr support? 

2. Is there any changes to VMware vSphere 7 Std support renewal?

Look forward to your help.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

This might help: https://www.vmware.com/support/support-resources/questions.html



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@scott28tt - has not the old support offerings for perpetual license holders ended?

My understanding is on renewal, Customers will need to move to a subscription agreement on one of Broadcom's 4 new plans (VVEP, VVS, VVF or VCF)


In which case @bond347 (given the recent changes since the acquisition by Broadcom), you might be best off talking to your VMware account rep, to see which of the new plans mentioned above, best fits your needs 👍. For info the acronym's quoted are VMware vSphere Essentials Plus (3 host, 96 core pack), VMware vSphere Standard, VMware vSphere Foundation and VMware Cloud Foundation - which all include vCenter). Each option rises in price, on a per core basis, and a minimum of 16 cores per host needs to be purchased)

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