How can I change the URL in a registered Plug-in?

We're trying to set up Dell EMC Networker and the VPA (vProxy Appliance) for it in vCenter.  Our Networker server has three interfaces, and its default is on a different network than the interface on it which is on the same subnet as the vCenter (VCSA).  The VCSA somehow registered the advertised address/IP of the default network of the networker server and is now trying to contact the networker server using the IP on that subnet rather than the IP on the same subnet as the VCSA.  The deployment fails because of the routing issue, and in checking the registered Extension in the MOB, it shows the incorrect IP which I would like to update so that the VCSA contacts the Networker server on the same subnet as itself.


How do I change or update the Extension URL to point to this IP?  Do I need to unregister and then register the plug-in?  If so, how do I do it with the right IP?  Can I just change the IP somewhere?  How did it get this incorrect IP in the first place?

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