Host Profile not compliant to all Hosts - IPv4 vmknic gateway configuration doesn`t match the specification

Hi Guys,

is someone able to help me further with my issue?

vCenter = 6.5

Hosts = 6.5

I have two Hosts in a cluster...from Host one I have created a Host profile.

When I now check Host compliance from the second Host it`s telling me "IPv4 vmknic gateway configuration doesn`t match the specification"

I checked the Host profile and Hosts as himself but could not see any problems which relate to the issue.

Both Hosts are using a vDS switch, from where the issue came from so I believe.

Has someone any Idee how to solve this?



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Click on the each host, go to the Configure tab -> TCP/IP Configuration. Check the TCP/IP stacks "Default" and "vMotion" they are setup the same.  Have you attempted to remediate the host that is different from the one you created the host profile?

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