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HP Servers cannot read out Physical Drive status


I have some problems regarding several HP Servers.

HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen9 > P440AR Raid Controller

HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 > HPE Smart Array P408i-a SR Gen10 controller

First, everything in ILO is Green. HPE did take a look at de Active Health System logging. In this logging everything is fine, no errors found by technican from HPE.

Vmware ESXi 6.5 u1 HPE Custom running on de ML350 Gen9 and on the DL380 Gen10 is Vmware ESXi 6.5 u2 HPE Custom running.

I checked the CIM service and the service is running.

When i go to the tab monitor > storage the following warning appears: The Small Footprint CIM Broker Daemon (SFCBD) is running, but no data has been reported. You may need to install a CIM provider for your storage adapter.

On both servers:

I started an SSH session with the host and found on internet following commands to check the CIM service.

Command: esxcli system wbem get


Authorization Model: password

   Enabled: true

   Loglevel: warning

   Port: 5989

   WSManagement Service: true

Command: /etc/init.d/sfcbd-watchdog status

Output: sfcbd is running

Command: /etc/init.d/sfcbd-watchdog test

sfcbd-init: Checking core components of sfcbd are running...

sfcbd-init: Component sfcb-ProviderMa is running.

sfcbd-init: Component sfcb-HTTP-Daemo is running.

sfcbd-init: Component sfcb-HTTPS-Daem is running.

sfcbd-init: All components are running.

Still no data can be read in the monitor > storage tab.

I have some other ML350 Gen9 servers which can be read. There have been no difference with installing the Vmware ESXi and are HPE Custom.

Could someone help me out with this problem? HPE won't help me because there are no hardware related issues.

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,


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Hi Max,

I'm experiencing the exact same issue with several HP ProLiant G9 servers and ESXi 6.5 U1 and U2 (Build 13004031).

Anyone from VMware willing to assist?



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Unfortunately, we have the same issue on dozens of HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen10 servers, running HPE Customized Image ESXi 6.5.0 Update 2 version 650.U2.10.3.5.

Anybody knows how to fix this issue? To us it's really a serious problem, as we can't monitor effectively the controller and the disk status of the servers.

Thank you in advance.
Best regards,


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