Get-HardDisk using API rest

Dear All,

I am a bit stuck trying to implement a (quite easy) powerCli command by using Api-rest. In particular I would like to get the same output as the command

Get-HardDisk -VM vm_name

In particular, I am interested to get for a specific VM (or for all of them at the same time, is the same), the informaton about the persistence of its disks. While the PowerCli command does it immediately, I'm having troubles to get the same result via API-rest (http://vmware.github.io/vsphere-automation-sdk-rest/6.7.1/)

I genuinely thought to find such information with /rest/vcenter/vm/{vm}/hardware/disk (http://vmware.github.io/vsphere-automation-sdk-rest/6.7.1/operations/com/vmware/vcenter/vm/hardware/...), however the persistence property is not in the response of this API, and I have no clues on where to find it.

Do you have any suggestion I could try?

Thanks a lot for your help.


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