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General error while connecting to vCenter


When I'm trying connect to a vCenter server* via the official vsphere automation SDK's code I'm getting the following error: "com.vmware.vapi.std.errors_client.InternalServerError: {messages : [LocalizableMessage(id='vapi.security.authorization.exception', default_message="Exception in invoking authorization handler 'com.vmware.vcenter.datacenter.list'", args=["'com.vmware.vcenter.datacenter.list'"], params=None, localized=None)], data : None, error_type : INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR}"

I tried to debug the code and I found that the error which I get is duo to the last line of code.

*vCenter is the appliance version, connected with internal NAT and port forwarding

Here is the full code, from the SDK's official github (GitHub - vmware/vsphere-automation-sdk-python: Python samples, language bindings, and API reference ... 😞

import requests

import urllib3

from vmware.vapi.vsphere.client import create_vsphere_client

session = requests.session()

# Disable cert verification for demo purpose.

# This is not recommended in a production environment.

session.verify = False

# Disable the secure connection warning for demo purpose.

# This is not recommended in a production environment.

# Connect to a vCenter Server using username and password

vsphere_client = create_vsphere_client(server='<vc_ip>', username='<vc_username>', password='<vc_password>', session=session)

# List all VMs inside the vCenter Server


*Obviously inserted my own vcenter address, username and password (which checks out)

*All code including comments were written by the SDK writers.


Alon Zinger

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