Extending Virtual Hard Drive Causes AAG failover

We have several 3 node AAG multisite clusters.   We are running esxi 6.5 ep 12 with vcenter 6.5 .   We received a request to expand the DBdata vmdk for each of the 3 nodes in the cluster 1.7 T to 3.3T.   2 of the nodes were expanded without issue but the primary active node the exact second that the task to reconfigure the vm completed the AAG experienced a failover event. 

This is the second time that this has occurred in the last 60 days.   2 separate AAG clusters on 4 separate esx clusters and 4 separate vcenter servers.  

The disks on the cluster nodes are all   Thick lazy zeroed except the OS drive which is Thick Eager zeroed. 

Has anyone seen this issue or have any ideas on why the AAG would experience a failover during the resize operation?

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