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Error: VDDK error: 14009

Servus Community,

We have been struggling here for more than a week with an error message in the Veeam Backup Server, which indicates a faulty component in the VMWare infrastructure:

Bildschirmfoto 2020-02-21 um 12.06.58.png

We have already opened a ticket on Veeam and the following actions have already been taken:

  • The machine was moved to another datastore of the host
  • A new backup to a new backup repository was created and executed
  • A 'vmkfstools -x check' on one of the affected VMDKs has been performed without any errors.

We first moved one tesserver to the other datastore and it now has the same problems as the actual server we are currently taking care of. Also worth mentioning is the fact that on one of the servers the replication works but the backup doesn't and on the other one it's the other way around, the backup works but the replication doesn't. Both have been working for quite a while until now and there are several other servers on the host that are not affected by the problems at the moment.

We have found a KB article from VMWare that mentions this as a bug, seen for the first time in VDDK version 6.7.x and an update to version 6.7 Update 3 should fix the problem [1].

[1] https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/71046

We only have version 6.5 Update 3 running but this only applies to the ESX version but I assume that the VDDK version is the same, isn't it? An upgrade of our virtual infrastructure is not so easy, because some of our HP DL380p Gen 8 servers are only supported up to version 6.5 Update 3.

Is there another workaround for this error or is it possible to update the VDDK version separately without updating the complete hypervisor? Does anyone have a more detailed description of what's going on?

Thx & Bye Tom

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