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ESXi guest VM not waking from standby (WOL)


I am working with


on a single ESXi 6.7 host with the standard license. (No vSphere Server)

I am unable to bring a VM out of standby by means of sending WOL packets on the same subnet.

Wake On Lan is confirmed enabled on the vmnic, WOL is also enabled in the Firewall rules


On a VM level standby and WOL is enabled and I'm using VMXNET 3 adapters.


I am able to put the VM in standby, either through the OS as well as manually through the interface.

This works well. I can also bring it back out of standby by using the Resume button.

(The OS is Win10 1809 with Sleep enabled power state S1.)

However when sending a WOL packet from another VM (or physical computer) on the same subnet the VM is not waking up.

I have confirmed the WOL packet arrives in the OS by using another tool ( https://www.depicus.com/wake-on-lan/wake-on-lan-monitor )

Is there anything I am missing?

Kind regards,


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