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ESXi Hosts show Disconnected in VCSA 6.7

I've run into an issue with our VMware implementation.  All VMs are currently running, but half show DISCONNECTED In the vCenter (VCSA 6.7) the Hosts and Clusters list.  We can log into the VMs, but we are unable to log into the hosts.  I've put out a notice not to reboot any VMs until we figure this out.

When we attempt to log into the hosts locally or through the KVM the console doesn't respond to entries when attempting to log in with credentials.  Two of the servers are working fine, but the other two are in this state.

From the VCSA the hosts show "Not responding" as the State under the Summary tab.

We're worried that the other two servers will end up with this problem and we won't be able to access anything.  Yes, we're trying to get access to our support contract, but since VMware was bought out we had to buy our licenses through Dell for some reason.

The licenses were purchased in July and VMware wasn't informed yet so it's been trouble getting support straightened out.  This might get fixed on Monday if we can get the corrected documents sent from Dell to VMware.   Argghh..lol.

I do miss VMware support.....

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Hey, hope you are doing fine:

First off:
Since you can log in to the VMs, the problem is on the esxi hosts (management plane) not data plane

- Are you sure there are sure there are no duplicate IP addresses on the mangement network?
If not I might go towards a hanged hostd service
- If you log in to the KVM and press F11, does something happen? You should see a debug console.
- If you press F1 are you able to log in via ESXi shell?
If both options are no, you are stuck and might need to reboot to release the hanged hostd

Now, some questions that might lead towards your Root Cause Analysis:

- Do you have a syslog/log insight configured?

- What kind of storage are you using?
- Did you make any changes?
- do you have management network connectivity?

If this is absolutely critical, please side ping me and I might try to assist you.

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