ESXi - Compuverde NFS name resolution - where to find IP address

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I' running a Compuverde NAS cluster to provide NFS storage to my ESXi hosts. The ESXi host mounts an NFS datastore using DNS name of the storage cluster.

Actually the cluster software redirects to the IP address of a single storage node, so every ESXi host may be connected to a diffent storage node (IP address) using the same DNS name.

I wonder if it is possible to figure out the IP adress of the storage node that's currently connected to the ESXi host.

What I tried so far...


# esxcli storage nfs list retuns the DNS name of the NFS cluster

# esxcfg-nas -list retuns the DNS name of the NFS cluster


PS> $vmhost = Get-VMHost foo.example.com

PS> $vmhost.ExtensionData.Config.FileSystemVolume.MountInfo.Volume | Where-Object {$_.Type -eq 'NFS'}

... returns DNS name

Currently the only way to guess the IP address is to grep from vmkernel.log

# grep $nfs_server_name /var/log/vmkernel.log returns something like

2019-03-12T09:01:53.147Z cpu36:4682292)NFSLock: 2976: failed to get lock on file slotsfile 0x43047cad85e0 on NFS_DS1 $nfs_server_name ( Busy

Any ideas?



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