ESXi 7.0U2 GPU - Basic adapter question

Hi All:

Been running VMWare Essentials on two old Dell R730 hosts for about 8 years now. I'm updating the hardware for the next five years.

I have (3) VMs:

VM1 - Windows 2016 Std Domain Controller

VM2 - Windows 2016 F&P and DC

VM3 - Windows 2016 RDS Server (my main server for users).

We are a 3PL/WMS SMB. We have about 20 or so users, most of whom use RDS to get in from various thin clients to use browser apps and basic general office productivity apps. About 7 of them are standard Office users who are a little more heavy in their use of general productivity apps, and 2 of them are kind of heavy hitters using more resources for Adobe PS/IL/PDF.  Believe it or not, we do use some Google Earth and other mapping functions via browsers mainly) to help us with our shipping / destination info. But all in all, this is really just a basic 2 HOST ESXi farm.

I'm looking at a Dell R750 or HPE DL380 G10 Plus. My question isn't so much on the host really, though it is hardware and VMWARE ESXi related.

If I look at the past, the one thing lacking with my user desktop experiences is the lack of zip on the video front. Today, as you all know, desktops are > HD, approaching 4k and beyond, and many have multi monitors. And, browsers now are much heavier in rich media and video and such.

My *CURRENT* hosts are awful in that regard. without a GPU, it's the CPU that's doing the work to render.

I need some help in figuring out what kind of NVIDIA GPU I could put in to deliver a better experience for my VM#3. While Ideally I'd love to provide GPU to all my VMs, I'm really confused about how to do that.

I read an article (blog post) from VMWARE that said that what I need is vSGA support and a basic GPU. But when I go to google that or try to find an nvidia adapter that would work, I get all this Enterprise Cloud Enabled Data Center with Advanced AI support and such.

So my question is this:

What kind (model) NVIDIA could I put in here to do what I want...deliver a better rich media experience for my RDS VM#3?

Note: I just read last night that microsoft disabled RemoteFX support and only supports something DDA or other. That's a part of my challenge too b/c I need to ensure that the GPU support works not just for the VM but for the RDS sessions.

Last, this is just basic browser, PDFs, a little Adobe PS, IL, a little google earth. It's NOT advanced modelling, CAD, AI. It is also NOT VMWARE Horizons or VDI.

I just want to ensure the new HOST I build can do a better job on the 2D and 3D performance side for general desktop and rich media experiences.

Last, I've been doing thin client for a long time. I get VDI, VPC, and all the complexities involved from the server/network/endpoints to get a better video experience for end user remote sessions.But what I can't figure out is what model card that I could acquire and put in that would provide the features and support to do this with my new host. It seems straightforward in selecting a GPU like the NVIDIA G2, but VMWARE doesn't list that model as being supported. And from reading about things like the RTX6000/8000, they seem to be dedicated GPUs for use for a single VM.

Just really need some help in finding a PCIe support GPU that would do what I need here.


Thanks in advanced.

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